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From infancy through the elderly years, we are dedicated to serving our communities throughout their entire journey of life! Children 6 weeks through 12 years of age thrive with us during their enrollment at Family First Childcare and Enrichment Center (FACE) After graduating from our center, through our Family First Village (FAVOR), we provide support and life skills for our youth ages 13 to 18 years of age , preparing them for opportunities to soar into adulthood for achieving their goals and fulfilling their purpose through collaborative works with our Family For Life Enterprise, Inc. (FLI).



Our staff of educators specializes in “project-based” learning through academic and enrichment programming, including, reading, writing, word identification, numerical competency, and cultural arts.  We provide the tools that teach children how to build community through creative arts. With guided education, socialization, and community-based, cultural arts projects, we expand your child’s life skills,  vocabulary, and help them soar.  

We teach them about business, banking, and entrepreneurship, through creative play to help them achieve their future goals, neighborhoods, and communities grow. Starting with the child, we immerse them in education, training, culture, and socialization. At age 12, we fortify them with additional life skills,  academic competencies, and development concepts they will need to thrive through our Family First  Village Program for children 13 years of age, and up.

In response to the need of filling the gap of development and socialization, we’ve created The Catch-Up Program. The purpose of the program is to help our children, ages (K-12) and youth ages  (13-18), educationally, socially, and culturally, navigate the trajectory of poverty, social isolation,  academic regression, and depression pre and post COVID-19 by immersing our children in academic, creative and cultural pursuits that are engaging,  exciting, enriching, and have the ability to catch up our deserving youth to and beyond the levels and standards where they are expected to be.

Enroll today! Call 216.202.1511

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